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Financial support to the members of NTUC who dead and whose family member dead in the killer earthquake

Published Date: 2015-08-30 01:44:51

On 28th August 2015, Nepal Trade Union Congress organized a program in Baneshwar Banquet, Kathmandu to distribute financial assistant to its member who lost their life and whose family members lost their life in the 7.9 magnitude killer earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 Saturday and after that their aftershock. Hon'ble Prakash Man Singh, Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry was invited as a chief guest. In this program Hon. Deputy Prime minister Mr. Singh distributed the financial support to the family of dead members and others. He praised the NTUC activities and impact towards workers. He said that small assistance can change their life. Mr. Khila Nath Dahal, President of Nepal Trade Union Congress chaired the program. Mr. Dahal said in brief about NTUC activities and thank all national and international community for their solidarity as well as financial cooperation. Mr. Ramjee Kunwar Senior Vice-President of NTUC, Mr. Pushkar Acharya Former Senior Vice-President of NTUC and Constitution Assembly member, Mr. Ganesh Pd. Niroula Vice-President, Mr. Ayodhya Pd. Yadav Vice President, Mr. Narayan Bhattari representative of ILO Nepal office, Mr. Rajendra Acharya director of UNI and Mr. Laxman Shahi representative of JILAF also speak during the program. Mr. Mahendra Pd. Yadav, General Secretary of NTUC makes the MC during the program.  More than 100 affected people get the following financial support Support details:
  1. Dead members – Nrs. 20,000
  2. Family members dead – Nrs. 10,000
  3. Injured members – Nrs. 5,000
  4. Affected member's children gets scholarship – Nrs. 3,000/year
Nepal Trade Union Congress started to organize different activities at district level to focus the earthquake victims. NTUC will provide financial support to remaining members through district committee soon. Affiliates, regional committees, women committee, youth committee and district committees of Nepal Trade Union Congress also organized different activities through their respective committee  to support the victims from the beginnings. We collect the date from our affiliates union and district committee regarding the loss from earthquake.  According to affiliates and districts committee, 60 TU members lost their life, 73 TU members family lost their life, 5 members are unknown , 5 members are injured and more the 25 thousands houses are damaged from the killer earthquake and NTUC is trying to reach every member through different activities.
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