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"National workshop on strengthening Organization Building"

Published Date: 2016-08-29 09:15:39

27th August, The program entitled “National workshop on strengthening Organization Building” held in Nepal Electricity Authority, Kathmandu, Nepal on 27th and 28th August, 2016. President of NTUC Mr. Khila nath Dahal was the chairman of the entire program. Representatives of NTUC officials highlighted and focus on the challenges and issues of the organization. Hence, it all started with the Opening, Objectives and introduction of the program. The representatives of different Affiliates presented their Organizational Report later. Member verification, profile and cost were highlighted and discussed in the session. Accordingly, the development and elongation of the account and finance were also the issues sparkled. Similarly, amendment and revision of constitution of the organization got some hype with the discussion. The issues and causes related to the labor were also overviewed taken into consideration. With the recommendation, comments and positive suggestion from the participant, the program ended with the conclusion speech the by Chairman of the program Mr. Kila nath Dahal. He also urges the issues and cases to take into further discussion. Leaders from different affiliates such as Nepal Teachers Association (NTA), Nepal factory Workers union (NFWU), Construction and Allied Workers Union of Nepal (CAWUN), Agriculture workers union of Nepal (AWUN), Nepal Tourism, Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Workers Union, Union of public Services in Nepal (UPSIN), Nepal Embroidery, Handicraft and Sewing Knitting Workers Union (NEHSKWU), Nepal Tea Garden labor union, Financial institution workers union of Nepal (FEIUN), Barber union of Nepal (BUN), Nepal Customs & Airport Allied workers union (NCAWU), Health professional union of Nepal (HEPON), Nepal Carpet Workers Union (NCWUN), Nepal Transport Workers Union (NETWON), Nepal Garment Workers Union (NGWU), Nepal Beautician Union (NBU), Nepal Printing Press & Allied Workers Union, Nepal Commercial and Allied Workers Union (NCAWU), Nepal Press union (NPU), Nepal Home Base Workers Union, Nepal Rickshaw and Puller workers union, Nepal Film Workers Union (NFWU), Nepal Porter Union (NPU), Nepal Cultural and Art Workers Union, Nepal National Security Guard Workers Union were the participant. Senior Vice President Mr. Ramjee Kunwar, Vice President Mr. Ganesh Niraoula Vice President Mr. Ayodhya Prasad Yadav, Vice President Ms Rama Poudel, Vice President Mr. Bom Bahadur DC, Vice President Mr. Lalit Shrestha, Vice President Ms. Kalpana Adhikary, General Secretary Mr. Mahendra Prasad Yadav and also Vice General Scretary Mr. Sanjay Prasad Mishra, Vice General Secretary Ms. Aasha Singh Rathor, Vice General Secretary Mr. Kedar Koiraala, Vice General Secretary Ms. Lalitkala Gurung, Treasurer Mr. Yogendra Kumar Niroula and Sub Treasurer Janardan Niraula were the representatives officials from NTUC
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