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NTUC women Committee organized Teej Program and Workshop on Trade Union and Women's Right

Published Date: 2016-09-01 18:16:22

30th August, 2016, On the occasion of the Women’s great festival Teej, Nepal Trade Union Congress Women Committee organized Workshop on Women and Trade Union. The program was anchored by Women Committee Secretary Ms. Kabita Aryal. President of Nepal Trade Union women committee Ms. Sudha Dahal was the Chairman, Treasurer of Nepali congress and minister of Peace and Reconstructionn Ms. Sita Devi Yadav was the Chief Guest and Srijana Singh, a social worker was the special Guest of the event. The programs also welcomed and addressed the leaders and representatives of different affiliates Union. Actor and Director Deepasri Niraula was one of the center of attraction of the short held workshop. During the event, Sudha Dahal highlighted 8 hours ILO policy, focus and equal participation, dissatisfaction of the weak policy and its implementation, women networking in rural areas, importance of Late Girija Prasad Koirala in the process of Women inclusion and also the organization  restructuring by auditing and recording the members. Amid the busy schedule, Chief Guest inaugurated the program by applauding the members and guest of the program. Women must be skillful and share the knowledge amongst them, appealing of the 33% of women participation to increase upto 50% in the local level, challenges of local government election and exclusion of women in the process, still single representatives of women in the government from the Nepali congress, the struggle and hurdles women faces from the revolution of peoples movement from the time to time, acknowledge to Girija Parsad koirala while nominating the women involvement, women must take any kind of risk to claim the opportunity and rights were some of the issues and cases she gave importance during her speech. Accordingly, The President of Girija Prasad Koirala labor Foundation Mr. Sishir Kumar Jha appreciated the direction of women and its organizational development and also gave emphasis to empower in the National Level. Similarly, acting president of NTUC Mr. Ayodhya Yadav gave best wishes to the committee, promises to women and its organization to move forward, and the role NTUC is playing in order to take the group from unit, local to the national level. Ms. Radhika kuikel, chief of planning and investigation department welcomed the Guest and the participant. She also explained about the workshop on women and Trade Union. Continuously, Ms. Pramila Dhungana criticized the program management, time schedule and its functioning. She also warns women not to go after the rights if not capable enough. The quota system has resulted in the corruption within the organization due to which nepotism and favoritism has thrived. Similarly, sub-treasurer of factory workers union Mr. Chandan Jha said that women participation in terms of factory is few and the program to engage women participation has been diminishing. Ms. Sushila Ghimire, Central member of NTUC gave the best wishes and welcomed the different representatives and participant. She also gave importance to overlook the 33% inclusion of women and also secure the rights with the ability to handle it. Deputy General Secretary of NTUC Ms. Aasha Singh Rathor stressed importance of capability. NTUC creating the opportunity and media in conserving the women rights through culture, religion. She also gave emphasis to exchange the information, knowledge and skill between the women. Thoroughly, special guest Srijana Singh clarified the opportunity of women has been derived from the revolution of people movement. She also applaud the improvement of the rights from time on which has been done by different leaders. Women have been deprived in the household activities and are unpaid even though they are working 18 hours a day, include maternity allowance for 2 yrs, 33% inclusion of women have increased the morality of women and suggested to ask 51% and she also recommended that if everyone s capable enough then no matter whoever is in the topmost post. Lastly, the program concluded with short Teej food having program which was followed by the dances by many of the attendees. The dance went for almost an hour where many participants were seen in a festive mood.    
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