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73rd NTUC establishment Day celebrated

Published Date: 2019-03-06

Nepal Trade Union Congress successfully celebrated 73rd establishment Day here at Kathmandu Nepal. Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba was the chief guest of the program and Bro. Pushkar Acharya was the chairman of the program. The program was coordinated by NTUC vice president Mr Tejendra Jung Karki.

During the program, Nepal trade union congress central committee, 26 affiliates union, kathmandu, bhaktapur, lalitpur district, women committee, youth committee and several departments of NTUC participated. Also, Nepali congress prolific leaders as Chairman Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba, Senior Leader Mr. Ramchandra Poudel, General Secretary Mr. Shasank Koirala, Treasurer Ms. Sita Devi Yadav, Central member Sherkhar Koirala, Central Member and former GS vice president Mr. Prakash Man Singh, Central member and former GS Mr. Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Central member Mr. Bal Krishna Khand and several high profile leaders, social activist, media personnel observed the program.

Mr. Koirala stressed that chairman of NC must have to stop playing groupism inside the party and must focus upon opposition role. After that Mr. Deuba requested Mr. Koirala to assist eliminating the groupism in the party. He also admired the work done the NTUC in labour sectors. Also, Mr. Poudel raised some concern about the functioning of the government system and blamed that this government is working against the welfare of the people. Likewise, Mr. Singh said that Nepali Congress has always supported the labour and working people and every policy and plans are done taking labour as a concern group.

Similarly, Mr Sitaula obliged that not only social security act but also, trade union act, labour act are the examples that nepali congress favours labour rights and its issues. The chairman of the program Mr. Pushkar Acharya argued that this government is deluding the effort done by NTUC and has been misleading the people and creating only the propaganda instead of working. It is a major challenge and government is already a failure in case of implementing the social security act and new labour act 2074.

The program was facilitated by NTUC General Secretary Mr. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar. Accordingly, NTUC Kathmandu organized 1 day blood donation program in which the participants of the program alos donated the blood. Likewise, The program comprised of photoshoot consisting NTUC banner at background, cultural dance, cultural song, standup comedy by national celebrities.

At last Mr Karki concluded the program applauding the CCM of NTUC, departments, staffs, volunteers, women committee, youth committee, press, technical group and everyone who assisted and supported during the celebration. More than 5000 people observed the program and 2000 directly attend the event.

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