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NTUC concluded Social Dialogue with Social Partners on the occasion of GP Koirala Memorial Day

Published Date: 2019-03-21

NTUC concluded Social Dialogue with Social Partners on the occasion of GP Koirala Memorial Day

21st March, 2019, Kathmandu

On the occasion of Girija Prasad Koirala Memorial Day, Nepal Trade Union Congress conducted 1 day Social dialogue program with social partners at Baneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main objective of the interactive program was to evidently express the labour concern between Nepal Trade Union Congress and Nepali Congress Party.

The program excluded the formal procedure and focused upon the discussion amongst the participant to grasp the verdict and understanding. Nepali Trade Union Congress President Bro. Puskar Acharya chaired the program. Women and Youth Leaders from Nepali Congress Kamala Pant, Dhan Raj Gurung, Jiwan Pariyar, Govinda Bhattarai, Guru Raj Ghimire, Kalyan Gurung, Sarita Prasai, Rama Poudel and Representatives of 26 Affiliates Union of Nepal Trade Union Congress were the participants of the event.

Bro. Hari Sharma labour Specialist and renowned panelist presented the agenda paper. He reminded the towering personality of GP Koirala on labour affairs. He applauded Bro. Laxman Bahadur Basnet for devoting his entire life on the rights and issues of Nepali workers.

The program started paying tribute to GP Koirala. The senior leaders of NTUC and Nepali Congress put flowers on the picture of the founding president of NTUC. Senior Vice president of NTUC Bro. Mahendra Prasad Yadav highlighted the relevancy and importance of the interactive program. He also requested participants to give suggestions and feedbacks.

NTUC Leaders echoed that Nepali Congress has ignored and disregarding labour organization. They must stand for the agenda of Labour. NTUC has more than 4,00,000 dues paying members which is a strength in the political influence. It is also an agent of political and social turmoil in every eon of the nation. Therefore, Nepali Congress must have to respect and address this force if it prompts to create competent role for existing government.

Nepali Congress Youth and Women leaders explained that the historic party has been diverting from its main theme. The fraction and groupism due to vested interest among the leaders has resulted feeble agendas in the Party. We have to unite and must make a rigid policy to tackle the opposition rather than conspiring between us, exclaimed youth leaders Dhan Raj Gurung.

Finally, Bro Acharya gave told that he is grateful that everybody showed and presented the opinion regarding the workers. He also added that we will continue to make this kind of program more effective and urge revised it from day to day in near future so that workers issue will be Nepali Congress concern.

The Program began from 11:30 am and was concluded at 3:00 pm.      

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