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Discussion Program held at International Child Labour Day

Published Date: 2019-06-13

Discussion Program held at International Child Labour Day

12th June, 2019, Kathmandu. Nepal Trade Union Congress held discussion program on world day against child day at NTUC center, anamnagar, Kathmandu. The program focused upon the world free of child labour and the position of Nepal Trade Union Congress on it.

The program was chaired by NTUC central committee member Sis Saraswoti Dhungana and the chief guest of the program was NTUC president Bro Pushkar Acharya. Special guest of the program were NTUC senior vice president Bro Mahendra Prasad Yadav, vice president Bro Netra Bikram Thapa, General Secretary Bro Yogendra Kumar Kunwar and Deputy General Secretary Bro Ganesh K.C.

Likewise, President of NTUC Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nepal Home Workers Union, Nepal Transport Workers Union, Construction and Allied Workers Union, Nepal Garment Workers Union, Nepal Carpet Workers Union representatives were present in the program.

At First, Bro. Hari Sharan Mahat from CAWUN gave welcome speech on child labour in the affiliates union. He gave the prolific status on child labour and the initiatives taken by his union and concern authority. Similarly, Bro. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar told that NTUC has been continuously on the process to eradicate child labour in the workplace. It is also playing a coordination role for the province, district and affiliates union.

Also, Bro Mahendra Prasad yadav stressed about the child labour concern inside the country. United Nations have introduced SDG from 2015 to 2030; they are prioritizing 17 goals and 169 indicators. There is a separate goal that entails world free of child labour within 2025.

The discussion session followed with the interaction from participants. They gave emphasis to change the attitude within ourselves. They also made commitment to work for child labour and are ready to cope with NTUC, civil society, government and so on

Nepal Trade Union Congress president Bro Pushkar Acharya urges everyone to rethink about the statistics and data of the child labour. He criticized that many INGO, NGO are into the industry to lock the business and create unemployment. Thus they are misinterpreting the data and manipulating people to inhibit company. He also said that getting thing done with help of children inside house is not a child labour.

At last, Sis Saraswoti Dhungana said that everyone must take individual efforts to work for free child labour society and country. We must provide education, health, peace and employment in the country to minimize child labour, she added.

The program was facilitated by NTUC CEO Bro Indra Deo Yadav. There were more than 50 participants in the discussion program which continued for 4 hours long.


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