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International Domestic Workers Day celebrated

Published Date: 2019-06-16

International Domestic Workers Day celebrated


16 June, 2019, Kathmandu. Nepal Home Workers Union, Kathmandu District Committee celebrated International Domestic Workers day here at Anamnagar, Kathmandu. The meeting program was held to address the commitment, hurdles and suggestion in the area of domestic work. International Labour Organization Convention no 189 which focus upon the domestic workers rights was discussed during the meeting.

Nepal Home Workers Union Kathmandu district president Sis Tulasa Khadka chaired the program. The chief guest of the program was Bro. Pushkar Acharya and special guest were senior vice president of NTUC Bro Mahendra Prasad Yadav, ILO respresentative Sis Sandhya Sitaula, Saurabh Shah, NTUC Deputy General Secretary Bro. Rajesh Palikhe, NTUC Kathmandu District President Bro. Devi Bhusal, Nepal Home Workers Union President Sis. Usha Bhandary and Senior Vice President Bro Devi Lamsal were present in the program.

The program inaugurated with welcome speech by Ambika Kandel, Devi Bhusal who expressed deep concern about the present status of home workers in the home and surroundings. They also emphasized on weak implementation and mechanisms adopted by Nepal Government throughout the ages.

Likewise, Sis Sandhya Sitaula told that Nepal has not ratified Domestic work convention C189. She provided time duration, rights and entitlements of C189. Also, Sis. Usha Bhandary said that there is a challenge to identify and access in home workers workplace. She applauded Urugway as a world's and Philippines as Asia's first country to ratify C189.

Similarly, Brother Mahendra Prasad Yadav urges government and civil society to take this issue personally and take action to implement the laws and regulations.

Bro. Pushkar Acharya echoed that everyone must unite for the most vulnerable sectors in labour market. This sector is much exposed to harassment, unfair payment, dangerous workplace, low wage and so on, he added.

At last, senior vice president of NHWU Bro Devi Lamsal presented memorandum letter about the rights of Nepal Home Workers Union among participants. The program was facilitated by Secretary of Nepal Home Workers Union Kathmandu Committee. There was 50 participants in which 90% were female and 10% were male.

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